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Hello, everybody! How are ya?

Once again, one more year is finishing and here we are, reviewing how the year was, preparing ourselves for the parties and celebration until the dawn of a new year.

Well, like I said before, this year I dedicated myself to do the final project for my translation's course and yesterday I defend the project. I mean... something like a Ace Attorney's Cross-examination with my mentor and two academics to analyze and ask me questions. :lol:

I put in my mind that I would get the highest grade and, even a bit nervous in the last days, I finally got it.
I got the maximum grade they could give me! :iconcelebrateplz:

I was so happy! I made myself clear that my project was one first step to the academic to search more about the Updating in Translation of books and so on.

Finally I finished that translation's academic, I'm graduated! Next year I shall return to my Visual Arts' course in the Federal University before do my next step in my studies in translation.

And, as you can imagine, I dedicate myself to this project and other things, but talking about drawings....
There's two main reasons that didn't allow me to draw as much as I wanted:
1- In March, my new notebook broke and I spend 8 FREAKING MONTHS to get the refund from the company so I could buy a new one (it's slight better, but the graphics card is really bad, a shame...)
2-I'm not really sure it's a art-block. This year I simply lack of motivation/inspiration to draw. I could draw now and then, but the mojo isn't the same like my first years here.
The only relevant thing I made was a drawing to a Final Fantasy Collab (I shall submit it here very soon), a "anatomy" meme just to try a new way to make lineart and a reference of Sam and Aurion.
Even in the translations I couldn't do many things. I translate a few things here and there, I back to make subtitle for a few videos and even two fandubbing in Portuguese, but that was for my translation's course only.
I've played a few games, let's me see what I played this year....

  • Metal Gear Rising (Platinum's hack-n-slash at it best, I lol'd hard in the final boss. :P)
  • Telltale's Walking Dead (awesome game! Go play it for Arceus, sake)
  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  • Megaman X (I suffered more in the begin than Dark Souls, but after get the first power-up, the game became more easier and more fun!)
  • Child of Light
  • Back to the Future: The game (really, this game has the best sequel to the trilogy! It's a telltale game', so you know what to expect)
  • Zone of the Ends 1 and 2 (This, boys and girls, is Otacon's "favorite Japanese anime", and the gameplay has a great flowing! I loved how the story and characters matured in the sequel, and now I'm hoping a Z.o.E using the Fox Engine)
  • Assassin's Creed Liberation HD (WAY much better than AC III, trust me)
  • Beyond Good & Evil (DARM! It's a marvelous game! Now I'm in the small group who still waiting for the sequel! :( )
  • inFAMOUS: Second Sun (a great launch-game for PS4, maybe the best from the launch line-up, recommend it)
  • The Wonderful 101 (another masterpiece from Kamiya if you like things like Gurren Langann, is a MUST PLAY)
  • Sonic Lost World (has a few interesting stages, too bad the final result isn't that great)
  • ALL SLY COOPER GAMES (a great platform game, specially the first one, my favorite are the first and the last one: Thieves in Time)
  • God of War: Ascension
  • DmC: Devil May Cry (the story may be a bit so-so, but the gameplay is really solid and respect the gameplay from the others DMC games)
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (my boss from the lend me the game and I misjudged the game, it is a great Ace Attorney game! Really loved the mechanics, the story and, specially, the characters) and, for the last...
  • Spec Ops: The Line (this game really blown my mind. :o )

Ah, a side note about games: I became friend of my neighbor and he is a gamer! since his 360 was just collecting dust and I've never played the greatest game of that console, he lend me the console and ALL HIS HALO AND GEARS OF WAR GAMES! Not only that, I only had my vacations to play it all! I even get worried if it could delay my progress with my final project (luckly, it didn't happened)

Oh! And this year I found a opportunity and I travel to Looweezah's city and finally met her!
We both tried out the typical food of our regions, watched a few movies, played a lot in the Wii and went in a anime convention (I admit I spend hours just walking around there, and the convention wasn't that good...). In the end was a good experience for me and makes me figure out a few things too.

And why I'm doing this journal now? Well, in the next Sunday I'm to travel to USA, visit my cousins and aunts there and, specially, to repeat a situation from 10 years ago.
In the end of 2004 I traveled to there and I got as a Christmas present my very first copy of Pokémon Ruby, 10 years later I finally going to there in the same period and guess what game I'll get there? Yeah, Pokémon Omega Ruby. Coincidence? I think NOT!
I'll also get a bunch of Wii U games for me recent console. :P

And... what for 2015? Like I said, I'll return to do Visual Arts n the university, but this time I'll have more time to dedicate to that course. I won't promise that I'll draw more, that's not something that depends on me. Let's see how the year goes, but if there's something I ant to do in this year is try new tools and techniques for the drawings. It's something I did long ago when I was learning how to draw and I retook this year.
But there's something that I really want to do: return to translate webcomics! I'm owning to suzuran and TamarinFrog translations that I really want to return to do. Also, I can't wait to return to translate Awkward Zombie and other webcomcis series! :D
Aside drawings and translations, I'll try to dedicate myself to play more seriously my Omega Ruby in order to prepare a team for the pro-gamer competitions in my city, something I've never tried before.

Anyway! Thanks everybody who I shared comments here and for the amazing arts! Wish to you all happy holidays and may 2015 be a great year to you all! I felt this year that it's possible to reach what we seek, so keep trying and do whatever you love to do! You'll pierce the heavens with your awesomeness!
  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: File Select Fusion (Super Mario 64)
  • Reading: Attack on Titans
  • Watching: Guardians of the Galaxy's blu-ray
  • Playing: Spec Ops: The Line
  • Eating: Biscuits
  • Drinking: Water


Today is a Momentous Day!
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