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Hello, everybody! Long time I don’t write a journal, right?

Well, I've been mentioned in some DA Stories (once again, thanks guys!) a couple weeks ago, but I've waited for a special day to submit it. And since the closest special day is my birthday, let’s go!

(if you come here because of the mention, you can go ahead and jump to the part where your name was mentioned. Don’t need to mind to read ALL this journal, since I’ll try to resume over  7 years of DeviantART, so fell free to jump to the part that interest you. :) )


-----2007 and 2008-----

First of all, I've started in DA with an older account, the pokemastersamir, in October, 7th of 2006. Back there the reason wasn't the most honorable ones: I created an account, faked my birthrate just to watch +18 arts. :X
It’s not the most honorable reasons, but hey, I was just a Tween, full of hormones that just find out the great potential of the Internet.

But this reason quickly was replaced for one of the things that became my Hobby and, after that, my way of life: translation!
Back there, in 2007, I started to translate some Zelda Twilight Princess comics made by Valerei and I still honored to be able to do the translation of such comics. They were funny and ingenue in a good way. With a very unique art style.

I've got other artists’ permission to translate their web-comics, as the Hail-NekoYasha herself, the creator of Awkward Zombie and such… I was really getting in the translation stuff! I've learned how to use an Adobe Photoshop, and even make a small image edits.

When, after watching so many artists, and how they made their arts, my artistic side started to grow.  Back there, as a teen, do a drawing, even the simplest one, carried tons of inspirations and sensations. Was truly magic, for me, dedicate a couple of minute to draw something, by someone how never learn how to draw in my life.

But I had great friends how helped me once! Like le-poisson, Nelly-Arts (who I don’t see since that time, I wonder how she has been…), YinLein  and Sumomo1001, how helped me out with the basics!

But there was a guy who really chuck with my little world, who made a very sincere critic about one of my drawings and created a determination on me that I never seen before…not even now. This guy was MikeGTS

I’ve read about his stories, his characters and I envied how we drew Lucarios (although nowadays I find his conception and stories extremely violent and the use abusive of guns). I wanted that too, participated that world. And so I started the conception of a character, a Riolu named Aurion. But back 2008 I wasn't really skilled, nor have experience with drawings, so the Riolu was REALLY disproportional and he made the first sincere critic about it.
I’ve got frustrated, a bit angry, but in the end that was what I need: that was the moment I decided by myself to learn how to draw for real: I’d draw every day, would learn new things, see tutorials and use the ones that fits better with my art style I was developing. Unfortunately, Mike didn't live long enough to see where he would go, nor where I’m right now.I still own him a tribute for being the first step in making me train hard in order to draw what I imagined for real.

I discovered a guy called PhazonRidley who as drawing all the Smash Bros Brawl’s characters and I was really tuned on that game back in 2008 and 2009.


Typhlosion - "Just...Smile" by Twero The Vice of Danny by Twero Contest Entry: Midnight Snack by Twero "There you are, Big Brother" by Twero "Am I mischievous?" by Twero

In February of 2009 I’ve moved from my old account, since I didn't want people referring me as…… PokemasterSamir, but with a nick that I still using: Twero (like I said in a really old journal meme, it’s a contraction of Twilight hERO, referring to the Link of Twilight Princess). I was still doing my translations (I met incredible artists with a very artistic and critic-view, like DoNotDelete, who made really funny Pokemon comics too! ),) and I was training when I saw an artist that was beginning a new Pokémon comic. That was great; I needed a new project to focus. That’s when I read the very first pages of Riolu is Born. That was the first time I knew an artist that became very important to me: TamarinFrog

I started to follow the comic, and then started to look after her arts, I saw the arts where she resumes her trainer’s life in each region and… MAN, that was incredible! Not just the stories, the pokémons and the experiences in the Pokémon games, but the arts were amazing! I suddenly start to look ALL the gallery’s arts and since then I became a fan. I was so fan that I got anxious every single time she submitted a new page of Random Doom. Not only her art, not only Random Doom, but how she deals with the public, always trying to be nice, well-humored and positive is truly motivated. That was when I started to develop a Pokémon story by myself, at same time that would be a tribute to everything I love and have as a hobby. That drawing of her resuming her trainer’s life, is something that I would like to do too. That was the conception what nowadays is called Pulso.

Pulso at first was just a bunch of cross-over with everything I love (what included, in other thins, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Okami and other square-games), it had a story with a begin, middle and end and, in my mind, back to 2010, was really awesome. But now, after all those years, I see a bunch of holes that I need to fix, to the story became more independent and credible. I’ll only start it for real when I feel that I’m able to create a story good enough and create my own comic pages.

Thanks to TamarinFrog I discovered new artists who I still following the arts and supporting it, like Kikulina (who has a really sweet and cute style, aside her own artistic project), LE-the-Creator (who I love his unique style and the way he make his tribute, I also envy his creativity to create whole new regions, E4 and Pokémons!), Lazy-a-Ile (who I support his game project, his new styles experimentation and his small animations), RavarokJudge (who I loved to follow his Club Soda’s comic!), pynni (who is an example of writer and made really good RD-related fanfics, Prince Toxicroak is one of this examples), who are also great people too.

It was in the middle of this year that I knew about suzuran, an awesome artist with her great KH and Square fanarts! I even translated the first chapter of her web-comic Convergence (one day I’ll break the hiatus and returns to translate them, mark my words!)


Vacations, here we go by Twero Sora in Halloween Town by Twero My lips are like sugar by Twero Afternoon Tea by Twero Hunt and the hunter by Twero

In 2010 I was more focused in my drawings and translations. Drawing my favorite series here, translating there. It was on this year that I find out that I really love to draw fan arts. I really liked (and I still do) to illustrate situations my favorite characters from my favorite series. I still love to make tributes to them, for entertain my time and for being in such epic stories that I love.
When the DeviantArt came with the Group system, me and Adam1704 come out with the Random Doom Fanclub. That was the first time I was in charge of a group, alongside someone. Was an amazing experience the time I was following closer everything, but with time I started to have less and less time to continue, so I left the Group’s staff, but I’m still a member.
Meanwhile I met Axel230, Kanokawa and BladeSquall, three other great guys who is currently running the RDFC group, became a staff member and is a marvelous fanartist and is a great fanfic writer, respectively.  I also met a guy from my country: Lukkaryo who was a big fan of Mystery Dungeon and even started to develop a web-comic by himself! Unfortunately I haven’t heard him in ages. :/



A Gift of Season of Flowers by Twero The Shopkeeper by Twero Random Doom Heart Swap by Twero These soothing sunsets by Twero The XIIIth Final Random Doom by Twero

In this year I started my universities studies. I took a lot of time to get used to the new routine, I even cancelled my registration from my Physiotherapy course to focus only in the translation one. Thanks to this, I got plenty of time to dedicate myself with my drawings. I got my drive license and played in my PS3 a lot. I also dedicated myself with the projects for the Random Doom-Fanclub. During my time there, I’ve met another artist who was submitting Random Doom fanart, then I figure out that was the same country as mine and soon enough we became friends until today: Looweezah .
If there’s someone who pushes me to improve myself, she’s the one. A friend to any time and with a strong opinion about everything. I simply have no more words to describe everything this fella already done to me. Currently she’s helping me out to get out this horrible art-block (more info in the end of this journal). Also, if you compared how she drew back to 2011 to nowadays, her improvement is outstanding! Really, a truly inspiration and a reference when you want to draw Pokémons with more dedication with the anatomy and details.


Then in middle of 2011, TamarinFrog  joint her first RP group, a group that mixed two games that I really loved, and a start of a whole new world: The PKMN-Crossing RP group.
I loved the idea of mixing, how the group worked and the no-number of artists that I just met, everything was just amazing! Although my character wasn’t really deep, I worked hard on him and came out somewhat nice!

I’ve met incredible artists, like :coocatdiva:, Elen93Maple-Gunman, :crayonkat:, Crimson-Jazz, SpiralSunRise, Zito-is-Neato1wordinsane, DustyDeathface, Myrmadon, lurils, garbagekeeper, Yufika, :devbulbieskins: and :rothkind:, the last one is the one who our OC’s became a  couple, from the longest RP I’ve ever made.


IOPL III: The Three Girls by Twero Enjoying the flying? by Twero Welcome to the Family! by Twero RDH: Edna's Bloody Nights- Cover-art by Twero Collab: Deceiving the chicken by Twero

First, the begin of this year was a shock to me, dude I passed in the Federal University of my state, in the area of Arts. Finally I could learn new tricks about drawing, how the market works in my city, etc, etc. After a fist shock, I was able to study in both! Way better than that horrible experience in the begin of 2011.
But nothing really big happened in that year artistic speaking. I was really focused in my new university (although I had only a few classes and there were a strike of, like, 7 months), my travel to New York, PKMN-Crossing and games, not to mention my emotional side was really bad (but I’m grateful for overcoming that episode, help me out a lot somehow). I also became an official translator to Hyrule Legends site and helped out with the translation of Hyrule Historia. Soo, many things happened in my life, both off like online and some lack of motivation and art-block.


Trade: The Epitaph of Outset by Twero PKMN-C: 'A gentleman doesn't choose sides...' by Twero

Last year was the begin of my current status of drawing here. In a overall, I see that all my hobbies (drawing and translation) I started to do it for my obligation, and almost never for myself. I started to felt tired to draw and translated and ,with this, I started to lost the motivation to do it. Heck, I even started to do collabs of coloring with three amazing artist. I really enjoyed it, but that’s not going to improve my drawing skills. Not even a bit…. I even lost the motto of drawing daily, which is a shame.

And remember that RP I did with Rothkind? Well, exactly after that , I never did anything else to the PKMNC group. I wanted to draw a meme or other, but I never really had the inspiration nor time, as I mentioned above. My interest for the group started to. I even asked to close my membership until I get the time and motivation to continue, but this never happened. The group closed even before that. That was very sad news, but I have only gratitude from there. I met not only incredible artists, but also amazing people. Cyanide-Tea wasn't only a marvelous artist, but also run such HUGE group, with SUCH creativity to plain how the whole thing worked, the contests, the event…woah! Was back in my time in the group that I produced really fast, something that I wasn't used to and was a good experience, overall. I dreamed to, one day, to evolve my OC into an Aggron in a proper time (like, in 2017, or something like that), but unfortunately the group needed to close before that.

After that I wasn't having much time to do the things that was my main reason to my join this artist community: translations and arts.


----2014 and the future----

Right now I’m finishing my translating school and soon enough I have to return to the other university to continue studying arts, at same time I’ll be working on a project to study Languages at Japan. But I really miss the days I translated web-comics, I really wish to go back do this, since it was my very first translation I ever did and I still love that.

Something that really bugs me and makes me feel a bit sad is how I my routine of drawing. Like I commented in other journal: nowadays I don’t feel the same inspiration nor motivation like in the early years. You can see it by yourself with the movement in my gallery this year. I only got REALLY motivated only twice this year, and the fire got really slow now, and nothing I really finished to be submitted here.

Talking about Random Doom and TamarinFrog’s arts, nowadays I don’t have all this anxious anymore, but I still support her works, love what I see and I’m truly grateful. :aww: 
I do own apologies for BladeSquall for never be able to finish my part of our art-trade, and YinLein for never submitted that facial expressions’ meme, but I hope someday I have all that finished off! I also own a girl’s request in my early days here, hope she still active here so I can share the art once it’s finished.


Well, after these 7 years, what I can say? I really proved myself that I, a guy that never got any talent for an artist, was able to draw and even get improved (just to have an idea: this one was one of my very first drawings, back to 2007:, and I do my words the same of PatrickBrown on his text “How to Draw”:
If you hear someone say "I can't draw", slap them for me. As long as they have a moving part to which a pencil can be taped, they can draw.”

Everybody can draw, just have to dedicate to it, believe in you and work hard. Some people will get it sooner, others late, but you can prove yourself that you can do it! I’m a very lived example of this! I only started to draw in 2007 and for real only in the next year! I may be facing a huge art-block, but I proved that I can draw what I want, and I’ll surpass is moment!

I met incredible artists, each one with their unique style, way to do their drawing, to express their ideas and I made many friends, some of them of for the rest of my life. I've learn A LOT with some tutorials, learn how to translate web-comics, how to use Photoshop and SAI, how to use a tablet, got advices from my friends, how to manage a group, and how to participate a RP group.

You don’t have to worry: even with the lack of arts lately, I still active here and I have no intention to go away. Besides, I still have to do my Pulso project, and others drawings that may appears in my mind.
After all this years, my conception of drawings and translations have changed. I don't know how much, but they surely changed. At first I thought that the best translations is the one that you try to translate he closest of the original text. Nowadays I know that, to react this quality, I need to adapt in order to preserve the message's essence. Not just translating word-by-word.
And about arts, I thought that forcing myself I'd be able to draw like anyone I like. But now I see that I must find my own path. Even with so many artists that inspires and motivate me, who I love the style and such, I need to use this inspiration in order to find my own style and something that pleases me, not the others' eyes.

Now a fell people to list before I finish:

-choco285 Choco! You're so positive and always chering up everybody I watch! Thanks for your comments and for give me some practice of Español! Muchas gracias! :D
-AoiSora19S thanks, sir for always comment in my journal/arts as possible as you can! Your humors was always something that cheer me up! :lol:
-animewave Valeu, olavo, pelos papos e por me dar aulas de história da América Latina!
Foram deveras interessante! :D
-shonemitsu Eu o conheci por uma comissão que ele fez para a revista EGW, mas desde então eu venho acompanhando suas artes. Continue sendo esse excelente artista, procure sempre inovar e buscar novos desafios! :aww:
-Neko1Inu2Kitsune3 Another fan of Random Doom who I met in the Fanclub. I simply love your RD Read Aloud! Hope to see more in the future someday. :D
-le-poisson PRIMA! o/ Muito obrigado por me acompanahr nessa jornada no mundo dos desenhos desde bem o comecinho. Fico feliz até onde nós dois chegamos e ver que ainda temos muito o que desenhar ainda. Seu estilo mudou drásticamente nos últimos anos, e vejo cad avez mais que você está encontrando o seu próprio estilo, enquanto eu ainda busco pela minha própria identidade. Sucesso sempre, viu?
-PhazonRidley Ah, o cara dos desenhos-solo dos personagem do Smash Bros. Mesmo com a sua pouca atividade, sua arte ainda me inspira bastante e espero que, um dia, sua arte apareça na Udon! :lol:
-Looweezah O que dizer, não é? :XD:  Começamos com altos papos, cada um falando sobre suas histórias, lhe ensinei como fazer artes digitais e agora é você me está me dando aulas de lineart no SAI. Saiba o quão importante você é nessa minha jornada no mundo artístico, sua visão é diferente de todos os demais e me ajuda a manter o foco e a persistir no que eu realmente quero e preciso fazer.
Continue sendo essa pessoa incrível que você é, cheia de histórias mirabolantes e orgulhosa que me inspira e me incentive a sua maneira. :)

I want to thank you all for reading this until the very end (my apologies if I forget someone, I double-checked my list of friends and I selected just a few of them, but each one knows their importance to me here on this site), and those who helped me out when I needed, those who left a lesion to me and became important to me here. It was good make all this retrospective, hope, some day, feel all that inspiration and motivation to draw like my first years here. Wish to you all only the best and until next time! :dance:

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Today is a Momentous Day!
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