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Road to Mt Moon
Here comes a new Pokémon fanart!
This time is a fanart of Natizilda 's Red Gyarados webcomic. Never hear of this? Well, I strongly recommend you to go read right here:
It's just in the begin, but it's already amazing so far! The setting is something unusual and interesting for any other Pokémon webcomic you have seen! Plus, her artstyle present us with so expressive characters and with a marvelous look to all the classic Pokémon in a whole-new style! Trust me, this comic and Nat's art as a whole has inspired me a lot to keep work on my Pulso project!

About this drawing, I made in two weeks trying to represent the main Trio, Dora, Henry and Carl in a pretty simple way (like, just showing their heads, giving more focus on each one's headgear. In the end, I decided to draw a scenario in something they will be doing eventually: the road to Mt. Moon, in direction of Cerulean.
You know, this route is when start to play one of my favorite music from the whole Pokemon franchise:…
It has such adventurous feeling that really motivate us to go into a journey, and how incredible it is! I don't have to mention this music was one of main inspirations to compose this drawing.
The most challenge part was the BG itself, I stressed out a lot to figure out a good color composition for the mountain (at some point, it seems I was looking into a DESSERT!), but everything came out good in the end.

Hope you all enjoy it! And comments are always pleased!

Red Gyarados belongs to :iconnatizilda:
Pokémon belongs to Game Freak/Creatures/Nintendo

Hello people! I’ve been slacking to post this journal, I own some News since my last journal and a lot of things happened. So, let’s go by topics:

My internship to Japan

Like I commented In the last journal, in January I did a 9 days trip to Japan and visit a couple of places, like Tokyo, Kyoto and a small mountain village called Takashima. I’ve visit many historical places, museums, universities, Akihabara and many natural scenarios. I still can’t believe I really went there. It was a dreaming coming true. I wasn’t really expecting to go there so soon, but certainly I enjoyed every day as much as possible. I’ve upload most of the photos I took in a Drive on Google Drive. You can check a look right here:…

All this internship only motivate me to go after my graduation in the Master level there. I’m studying and going after everything needed to apply for the exams in the consulate. It’s really tough (a friend of mine tried 3 times in a row, without success), but my will to do it is even bigger! Gonna persist until I reach my objectives!

My Visual Arts’ Graduation Work

After my return, I went 110% into the elaboration of my Graduation Work.  Since it wasn’t my first one, the tension and nervous was pretty smaller than the first one. But the work as much as before, maybe even more. Considering I needed more resources and made many interviews. In the end, after almost 90 pages, 4 interviews and a couple of replies on a questionnaire, I was approved with the maximum grade! Another win this year! Now all I need is to do a last subject and I’ll have my bachelor in Visual Arts for good!

About my translations

Believe it or not, in last June 3rd marks 10 years since I started to make my very first translations! What started as a hobby, turns out to be what really motivate me and my main labor. I never got tired of translate stuffs and never really stop of doing this. To celebrate this, my old blog will reborn anew, with a new logo, projects and with continuous updates. Those who still follow my translations (or who are curious about this), stay tuned!

And finally, about my drawings

Even being busy with my travel and my graduation work, I did manage to draw a bit. I even participate a workshop of development of plotting in comics and even elaborate a Splatoon comic. It really inspire me to make my own comics and stories in the near future. I didn’t submit many digital arts due my tablet has been working weird recently. And the pen pressure doesn’t appear anymore on my Paint Tool SAI. To go around this problem, I got a Clip Studio Paint copy and I’m still adaptation to this new tool, but so far I’m enjoying it! Hope I can learn how to use its functions and finally use it as my main art program! I did some Sunday sketches, I still need to upload here in DA as well.


I think that summary most of my news! To end this journal with a golden key, I did LE-the-Creator’s meme about my favorite Pokémon of each generation!

 Generation 1 -- Kanto Region
1. :iconpidgeotplz:
2. :iconbulbasaurplz:
3. :iconarcanineplz:
4. :iconcharizardplz:
5. :icondragoniteplz:

Generation 2 -- Johto Region
1. :icontyphlosionplz:
2. :icontyranitarplz:
3. :iconlugiaplz:
4. :iconampharosplz:
5. :iconcyndaquilplz:

Generation 3 -- Hoenn Region
1. :icongardevoirplz:
2. :iconrayquazaplz:
3. :iconaggron-plz:
4. :iconblazikenplz:
5. :iconmetagrossplz:

Generation 4 -- Sinnoh Region
1. :iconlucarioplz:
2. :iconweavileplz:
3. :iconmismagiusplz:
4. :iconempoleon-plz:
5. :iconroseradeplz:

Generation 5 -- Unova Region
1. :iconleavannyplz:
2. :iconhaxorusplz:
3. :iconscolipedeplz:
5. :icongothitelleplz:

Generation 6 -- Kalos Region
1. :icongoodraplz:
2. :iconaurorusplz:
3. :icondelphox-plz:
4. :icongreninjaplz:
5. :iconmalamarplz:

Favorites of all time (so far)
1. :icongardevoirplz:
2. :iconlucarioplz:
3. :icontyphlosionplz:
4. :iconpidgeotplz:
5. :icongoodraplz:

Feel tagged to do as well!

I think that's all for now! Thanks for your attention and wish you a great week!

  • Listening to: Alive - Raiko
  • Reading: Magazines and the History of Manga
  • Watching: Inferno Cop
  • Playing: Mass Effect Andromeda and Monkey Island 2
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Water


Samir Montalvão Fraiha
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Always going after the realization of such dreams, no matter the odds!


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